Shaked Law specializes in resolving business disputes through mediation 

Shaked Law specializes in dispute resolution by way of mediation, in business, corporations, startups and other commercial disputes.

Shaked Law assists in resolving disputes between entrepreneurs, partners, shareholders, investors and more, without the need to approach the courts while maintaining the confidentiality of the procedure.

Mediation is the most appropriate business dispute procedure as it is:

  • Voluntary” procedure and as such the parties are in it because of their desire to reach a consensual solution, which they can retire from at any time.
  •  The procedure allows the parties to the dispute to control its solution without passing the resolution of the dispute to an outside party such as the court or arbitrator.
  • The mediation builds trust between the parties to the conflict, in which in many cases the relationship continues after the conflict has ended.
  • It allows the parties to the dispute to maintain confidentiality from third parties such as investors, customers and suppliers, without prejudice to the prospect of continued operations and development of the company.

The firm has a great deal of experience in mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Ken Shaked, Adv. – Certified Mediator, brings to the mediation process his experience as an attorney of diverse business entities as well as his business experience as a manager and entrepreneur.