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About us

Shaked Law is a unique law firm, providing its customers with added value beyond the legal services provided in such offices.

The firm operates in the commercial field and accompanies business entities from initiation stage, through construction of the legal and business model, including necessary engagements and licensing agreements, protection of intellectual property, fundraising, cooperation agreements and more.

Why work with us

Full solution

We accompany business entities from the initiation stage, construction of the business and legal model, through engagements and the agreements, while providing a solution to all the legal needs of the business.

Legal experience

Adv. Shaked has worked as a lawyer in leading Israeli law firms and as a legal advisor to leading companies and start-ups, experience that gives the firm broad legal and business vision.

Business experience

The firm’s rich practical experience in business development, start-up management and investments in technology-based companies, gives us a significant advantage over firms in our field.

Personal attention

We focus on a personal and close service to our customers. Our customers will not lose personal attention and care for the small details.

Peace of Mind

We believe in finding a solution to every difficulty and challenge, striving uncompromisingly for the best solutions to our customers. Our representation gives our customers peace of mind, knowing they are in the best hands.


We see every customer as a partner, and act determinedly to provide the best possible professional service, all with personal and professional integrity.

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